It is almost summer or at least it kind of feels like it. It has been warm and it has kept warming up so it was very good opportunity to take a week vacation and spend some time at home. Well, the idea was to watch Nooa and let Fangfang to work without a need to think how to organize the daycare but things didn’t exactly go as planned. When I returned from Malaysia couple of weeks ago, I got a bit of sick and it then started to turn worse and worse. And guess what, on my second day off, I had to visit doctor to find out that I have an ear infection. Explains why my ears are blocked and I cannot hear much. And of course the huge pain which kept me from sleeping. And now we are running on Day 4 eating medication and I don’t feel much different. Naturally it got spread to everyone else as well so Fangfang got sick and also finally Nooa. Everyone is taking it a bit differently and Nooa seems to be more like on and off type of sickness where it quickly goes away and comes back - I guess he really should rest and not play so much but he is so interested on finding new things when he finally can crawl everywhere.

So, not much time to enjoy the warm Spring and with my luck it has now turned a bit more colder (and more clouds). I guess it is time to go back to work then; without hearing much, it will be a fantastic experience I bet.

On the blog side it has been a bit silent, apologies on that. I have now got used to the new blogging method and while it is a little bit technical (write in Markdown, turn into the really optimized website with Alula, store in Git, publish to own servers with deployment mechanism), it serves it’s purpose and is something which finally fixed my biggest complaint with WordPress - it is optimized by default and does exactly what I want (optimized code with full CDN awareness, fully responsive design). And fun part was that I got my brother interested making it so I can trust on full support on this one - by the way, hire him to do some stuff for you, you can find more information in his company website, OwlForestry.

One project got moved forward, so we have now booked all tickets and almost all paperwork is done for Fangfang’s parent’s and siblings’ children’s visit to Finland during this Summer! Quite much paperwork and of course Schengen visas aren’t something easy to obtain but everything going as planned and soon they will arrive to see how Finnish summer looks like. I just really wish that once in a lifetime it wouldn’t rain the whole Summer … We still need to plan what kind of different things to show, we got some good suggestions already by many people we know and now need to start planning what kind of nice experiences there are during Summer time in Finland. And what especially show to first-timers.