I had an opportunity to finish this year’s travel by travelling to Japan. Completely new country for me, a new culture and something I have wanted to see for some time already.

The travel was naturally business related so I actually couldn’t see much but I had some opportunities to explore Japanese culture, one needs to eat anyway every day so at least I was able to see some food related culture.

Revolving sushi (Conveyor belt sushi) became quite familiar by multiple visits, Shabu-shabu was a good experience while nothing so much different compared to Chinese hot pot and I was also able to experience some Japanese style grilled chicken called Yakitori. From all of these, Yakitori was definitely the best since it presented the typical situation which I like: you end up to the restaurant where maybe only one person speaks some English, the menus do not have any English and no pictures and you just end up trying everything in blind. And this is the way you end up to taste some very delicious things.

Trip started with sunshine above the clouds between Tampere and HelsinkiGinza - famous shopping area and famous video screens familiar from different moviesPokémon - I just had to take this photo when I noticed this in the same lobby of the building where our office is located tooIn the very interesting Yakitori restaurant