This week has been an exciting one. Fangfang started to get real contractions in early Monday morning (03:00) and we knew that the birth is going to happen sometime in the future. I was guessing that already on Monday evening there would be birth so I stayed home waiting and being ready. While we live in the countryside, it takes about 45 minutes to get to the hospital so I decided that it wouldn’t be good idea to be in the office when time to go is happening.

Well, we didn’t get into the hospital on Monday but things were moving on so there was hope. On Tuesday morning I decided to stay still at home because situation seemed to be going forward on quite good speed. On Tuesday evening we were in quite good speed already but not just there yet so we decided to go to sleep if it would be possible. We finally started sleeping at midnight but I was suspecting that it wouldn’t be very much possible for Fangfang to sleep since contractions were coming quite close to each other and pain was already quite high.

On Wednesday morning, Fangfang woke me up at 02:00 and told me that she is ready to go. Apparently she didn’t sleep at all while I got couple of hours sleep which was really useful considering how long day we would be having ahead of us. We finally left to the hospital at 03:00 and they started the preparations when we got there.

Then something interesting happened, the hospital is the biggest one in this area and sometimes get surprising amount of mothers and few times per year it is possible that there are too many actually. It is rather rare and doesn’t happen very often but it happened now. We had to wait until we were able to get into the birth room and it was a long three hours. Finally at 07:00 we were given a birth room where we then spent the next hours … very long hours.

Things were moving on but rather slowly so we spent in the birth room totally 14.5 hours before birth. But healthy baby boy was born for us at 21:20 on the evening of Wednesday 15th of August. It was a long way and I am really proud of Fangfang how well she was able to take this very long and difficult path.

Our boy was rather big one, 3.805 kilograms and 52 centimeters tall. Healthy and currently has very thick black hair, which of course can change to something else in near future but at least now everyone in the hospital is admiring his hair. So far he seems to be quite patient and peaceful, wondering the world around him and especially that weird looking person who is supposed to be called father. I am not completely sure but I think he is laughing everytime he sees me so I must look quite funny for him. And yes, I know, babies of this age do not actually laugh but I like to think that he finds me funny.

Our boy